Fast.  Flexible.  Accurate.

The sooner you get your wood to market, the more profit you realize.
This is especially true with thick and/or difficult-to-dry species.
VacDry has been specializing in just-in-time drying equipment for over twenty years.

And now, with a VacDry vacuum kiln, you can have minimal degrade as well.  PCS VacDry Kilns are the first to fully control all aspects of the wood drying process. With a VacDry vacuum wood drying kiln to dry your wood, lumber (even 4/4),  dimensions  and squares, bent wood, bat billets and dowels, slabs and flitches, timbers, exotic wood species, veneer, and lamella all dry with incredible speed but without stress.  With VacDry vacuum kiln drying, wood comes out of the kiln looking just as it did going in. The cherry is bright.  The maple is white.  And the quality is such that the majority of MLB uses baseball bat billets dried in VacDry kilns. 

VacDry vacuum kilns patented system utlizes the latest technology in computer-controlled precision to provide complete control over every variable (chamber pressure, heating level and humidity) of the drying process. The same wood dry kiln that dries 1/4" lamella can dry 4" thick slabs with small changes to the PLC in schedule control. And that control system is "set and forget".  There are usually no adjustments once the kiln charge drying is underway, and there are no need for samples to be pulled and evaluated. With VacDry, you get a total system that dries your wood faster, produces a better product and virtually eliminates degrade.

Want to get right into a discussion with the engineer who actually designs and builds these kilns?  He's just an email away!


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