Does your company use figured or live edged wood, slabs, or cookies?

We can help!  Our kilns have the ability to give you the quality you want with the speed you need!! 

Family owned and operated, VacDry Vacuum Kilns are proudly built in the USA!

A beautiful box elder cookie, dried in a VacDry vacuum kiln:

Our kilns have dried almost all domestic species and many exotics:

Some of the domestic species that our kilns have dried:  Red oak, cherry, hickory, ash, American beech, maple, box elder, black walnut, butternut, elm, pine, hemlock and holly.  We are finalizing schedules for white oak.  If it's not mentioned that doesn't mean we haven't dried it.  Give us a call to ask about the species that interests you!

Amboyna Burl:

Some of the exotics that our kilns have dried:  Amboyna, Bloodwood, Ipe, Jarrah, Blackbutt, Purple Heart, Red Beech, Wenge, Teak, Quebracho and Rosewood.  Drop us line to ask about your exotic species!

Our kilns have also dried submerged reclaimed wood!!


Just some of the advantages:

* No air drying required!

* Works best from green!

* Partial loads, no need for 100% plate coverage or a full kiln charge for one-off projects!

* Dries wood faster.  For example:  freshly cut 10/4 Black Walnut dry in 19 days!

* Maintain natural beauty"

* Gives you absolute minimal degrade!


Interest in drying slabs has never been greater. A potential customer asked us to help gather some figures to determine payback.  We searched the internet and picked out several slabs that were over 2" thick. We recorded the asking price, species and dimensions. This is what we found.
These numbers can be considered close to fantasy because, of course, you have to find buyers. Also, these are gross figures which don’t include log cost and other overhead.

Some sites advertise slabs that are 1" or even less thick. Most are air dried which means they are not a stable 7% moisture content. Being air dried they are not sterile. They could be full of bugs. They can also spread tree diseases. Slabs on the internet show a lot of cracks and warp from uncontrolled air-drying that you don't see with a VacDry vacuum kiln, as you can easily dry green freshly sawn slabs.  VacDry dried slabs can be very thick, very stable, and sterile making them very advantageous in the market place...all of which makes VacDry vacuum kilns an ideal dry kiln for drying slabs!
The first slab was Soft Maple. It was 2.81" x 47.5" x 137". It had a price tag of $3995. The kiln charge in our VK3.0 is 50" wide so you can put just one of these slabs per layer.  We didn't try to add any value for shorter slabs that could be laid at the end. You could load 19 of these slabs so 19 x 3995 = a gross of $75,905 per load. Here's where it gets crazy. If you could cut and sell them as fast as the our vacuum kilns can dry them, you could dry about 40 loads per year for $3,036,200!
The next slab was Cherry. It was 2.68" x 39" x 135". Again, you would have 69” to add a shorter slab at the end but we didn’t count that potential. The price was $3675. You could load 20 pieces so 20 x 3675 = $73,500 per load. You could dry one load per week easily.
Next was walnut. It was 3" x 24" x 155". The price was $1850 and you could load 36 pieces. So 36 x 1850 = $66,600 per load. You could dry a load every two to four weeks depending on the figure in the walnut. The figured grain can make small areas with higher moisture content that take longer to dry.
Next were maple slabs, and the listing didn't say whether it was Hard or Soft Maple. The dimensions were 3.875" x 28" x 87". The price was $900. You could load 30 in a kiln charge. 30 x 900 = $27,000 per load. Drying time would be around 10 days in one of our VacDry vacuum kilns.
Finally, we looked at a piece of Red Oak. It was 2.5" x 42" x 99" and the price was $1750. You could load 42 pieces in a kiln charge. Drying time is about 8 days. So 42 x 1750 = $73,500 per load!
The VacDry VK3.0 vacuum kiln drying system starts at $139,000. Potential payback in two months!


You can start drying your own slabs now.  

Contact us today to get started!

 We have a kiln size to meet your needs and budget.  Financing Available!  Call, email, or use our inquiry form today to talk about your new VacDry Kiln: email Dennis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at 570-995-1071

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