Why is wood dried in a VacDry Kiln so bright, colorful and beautiful?

Wood will come out of a VacDry Kiln looking exactly as it did the day it was sawn. The reason is that it was dried in a vacuum chamber with approximately 1/14th of the air pressure that you breathe. The result is that water boils and the wood dries around 100’F (38’C). This prevents the caramelizing of sugars: caramelizing is the temperature dependent oxidation of sugar. Caramelized sugar turns brown. Our low drying temperature along with low levels of oxygen results in wood where caramelizing is not seen. It looks as it did when it came off the saw.

Wood which has been exposed to air for a short time will turn brown outside but after it comes out of the VacDry Kiln and goes to machining, the original color is exposed.

Some companies expose species kiln Koa and walnut to air for months to purposely darken it.

In my opinion, this vacuum dried walnut couldn’t be more beautiful.

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